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Maurice Fillion-RobinDR.MessagierDr. Marco Francisco PAYA

Mr Maurice Fillion-Robin                Dr René Messagier                 Dr. Marco Francisco Paya


This site summarizes ten years of research by the coordinator of various laboratories : Tecnolab Research Center (71100 Chalon-sur-Saone, France) a laboratory dedicated to electromagnetic biophysics.

These studies were conducted by a group of researchers who have been aimed at addressing a major challenge of the twenty-first century:

"Establishing the electromagnetic compatibility between artificial electromagnetic fields generated by modern technologies and man. "

This file gathers experiments in Animal Biology and Human Physiology, conducted in various universities in the world, which validate a new biomagnétotechnology.

  Work in theoretical physics are meanwhile available for specialists on the Internet and direct access to the authors cited.

The human studies were done double-blind:

  • Either with active oscillator
  • Either with placebo.

The results were analyzed statistically.

Important Note: These study results are completely independent of the industries that produce electromagnetic fields. Comosystems never received any outside funding or support that could influence the results. All studies and research are self-financed by the author.


Comosystems core team was built 15 years ago, around the central character, Mr Maurice Fillion-Robin, from the mid Pharmaceutical Laboratories, with a handful of doctors avant-garde at the time when the quantum opened doors towards promising opportunities. (Cyril Smith, "Electromagnetic Man").

Russian were probably the first to seriously address the issue by creating in 1953 the Electromagnetic Laboratory at the Research Institute of Occupational Medicine (Leonid Paltsev).

Neon technology has certainly helped to open minds for the first time, we can "see" the induced electricity, while a neon light near a power line lit up.

In the 1990s researchers like Brian David Josephson, Luc Montagnier and Martin Chaplin we demonstrate the properties of water memory, information that can better explain the relationship between electromagnetic fields and water from the human body structures may exist at other levels, regardless of the short bonds between water molecules and it is possible, according to Montagnier, to detect the electromagnetic footprint, as stated Benveniste.

In this busy period, was born technology magnetic oscillators compensation. And other technologies to filter, offset, balance, wave effects.

But what makes the whole feature, the "backstory" of Comosystems is not simply to discover and develop, but also to prove. The basic task was given Mr Fillion-Robin, was to provide irrefutable biological evidence! Results.

The approach has been to reproduce the pattern known and used by Pharmaceutical Laboratories when they launch a new drug studies, trials, placebos, witnesses, interpretation of results, participation of high-level researchers, publications in Congress and in newspapers scientists.


Today Comosystems immodestly boasts its slogan "The historical and scientific standard for electromagnetic compensation", but it is deserved: This site provides the public and experts, ten years of research.

15 years of University Laboratory experiments conducted by scientific experts from around the world

15 major reasons to protect you from biological effects of electromagnetic fields in your environment and their possible consequences for your health

15 irrefutable evidence for the protective efficacy of biotechnology CMO *

Evidence 1: Prof. M. Bastide - France; embryonic mortality - as mobile animal / Proof 2: Prof. M. Bastide-France; embryonic mortality computer-animal / Evidence 3: Dr. V. Binhi Russia; mode of action CMO-biophysical modeling mathematical / physical / Evidence 4: Prof. T. Canavan-UK; state of stress-computer-human / Evidence 5: D. Clements-Croome Pr-UK; biological stress and neuropsychological computer-human / Evidence 6: Dr. L. Faivre-Bonhomme, France; immune defenses computer - animal / 7 Proof: Dr. A. Fernandez-France; anomalies such mobile-cellular animal / Evidence 8: Prof. R. Goodman-USA; DNA - (SRE - HSP 70) - as mobile animal / 9 Proof: Prof. Y. Grigoriev Russia; embryonic mortality-tel mobile animal / 10 Proof: Dr JL. Marande - France; concentration / stress state of computer-human / 11 Proof tests: Prof. M. Miyata, Japan; with eye-computer-human / 12 Proof: Dr EV Stepanov, Russia; ENT / pneumo-tel mobile-human / 13 Proof: Dr J. Youbicier-Simo - France; neurogenesis-tel mobile animal / 14 Proof: Dr J. Youbicier-Simo-France; variation cellular calcium-tel mobile - Animal / 15 Evidence: Dr. Youbicier-Simo - France; stress hormones, such as mobile





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